Sunday, August 22, 2004


The clock will keep ticking

No matter how you want it to stop even for a brief moment

It will continue it hours, it minutes, it seconds…

Eventhough you want it to hold on a minute

the clock is the metaphor of our life

when the good times happen to us, we want it to stop

gives us chance to enjoy our good times…


when things don’t go as we wish them to be…

we’re hoping so much that time will pass by quickly

for us to forget the sorrow

like the clock, we can set our life

if we want the life to be joyful….

We have to cherish every moment of it….

Every seconds count

Grab it, don’t wait ….

To say something nice to our loved ones

To do what we have to do….


Like the the clock,our life will continue….

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