Friday, August 27, 2004


Thought we just met
I feel like I become closer to you
Thought we have so many differences
Everything become one

My friends…
With their own uniqueness…

The wise, that’s what I call her
She’s like a sister to me
Being around her makes me feel at ease

My friend, the witty one
she makes me laugh no matter how hard my day is
She’s my best friend

My half….
Looking at her makes me feel like I’m looking at a mirror

My mysterious friend…
With her unexpected ways
But, I love her still

My calm friend
Nothing can make her angry
She’s so calm no matter what happened

The mom
Being around her makes me respect mothers more
Because she’s a mom herself

My mentor, the calm one
I always feel at ease being around her
She always has ways to make me feel better

The boss
Simple words cannot describe him because he’s very special

My role model
He teaches how to handle my work calmly
Also my best friend

My funny guy
He always has ways to make things cheerful

The quiet guy
He is so quiet that sometimes we can never know what is he thinking of

The East guy, that’s what I call him
He is an easy going guy, yet so serious

The serious guy
But, he is okay

The smiling guy
I never see him without a smile in his face

The not so serious guy
He can be serious when he feels like to
But he can also make a joke

Let’s not forget him
My friend who always greets me whenever he sees me

My friends, thank you for being part of my life

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