Sunday, August 22, 2004


When morning comes, another chapter of my life has gone
The pages couldn’t be rewritten, the titles couldn’t be erased
Everything is there, black on white
For a brief moment I panicked, I’m scared….

What if the book of my own life can’t be bestseller?
What if no one likes my life?

Again….I’m panicked, I’m scared…..
I tried to write on the pages all over again
But I can’t…
No matter how I tried, I can’t rewrite history
Even history of my life
I can’t tell the mornings not to come
I can’t hold the arrival of the mornings

Now….now….I understand
I can’t make others to like my life
Now, now I got it…
That’s it’s okay my life is not perfect

As long as I like my life….
As long as I can tell myself that my life
Has to go on….
No matter how hard it is
After all…..
It is my life….

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