Sunday, August 22, 2004


Funny how God plan our life
We can never expect any of it

Like my childhood friend and me

First, you just someone I hated so much when we were kids
I really hated you
When you pulled my hair in the class, when you made me cried
And other things you did when we were kids
I swore to cross your name from my friend’s list

Several years had passed us by
I even forgot I have you as a friend
Then, in 1998
I screamed so loud in the middle of the night
When you called
The call turned into a meeting
First time we faced each other after ages
Then, we lost touch again
So did I, forgot about you again

I know an airport is where people say hello and goodbye to their loved ones
But I never expected to meet you again in there
Though we could only talked for an hour and we said goodbye again
At that moment, I could never forget you again
Even we are separated by the sea
I have you in my mind

It is Thursday, 9.30 at night
When my phone rang and I heard your voice on the line
You missed me and I know deep down inside…I miss you too

And this time I will always remember you in my heart and soul

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