Thursday, September 02, 2004


I fall in love..

When I enter a room full of children
who call me Miss

they dont't have any clues that
inside I feel like there were hundred drums banging on me

Then, that room becomes quiet
when I start talking

they don't know
with each word I say,sweats start trickling down my cheek

I fall in love

when those children
cheering, laughing and clapping their hands
with me

they have no ideas that
every movements they make,I become nervous

I fall in love
when I find the innocent looks,the mischievous looks
in their faces

I wonder, are they putting acts or genuine

Even when they're making noises
I still fall in love

Even when my class so quiet,more than a graveyard
I still fall in love

Even when things start to go wrong
I fall in love still

They're my children, my responsibility

That's why
I fall in love with them....

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