Sunday, September 12, 2004

How Do You HeaL My Nation's Broken Heart ?

From Chris Walker's song (how do you heal a broken heart) he only taught us how to heal someone's broken heart. I wish I could meet him so I can personally ask,"how about my nation's broken heart?"

How can we forget the sound of the bomb that ended innocent lives on September 9th,2004? How can we pretend not to see the buildings that had been smashed succesfully by the explosion? How about the families who lost their father,mother,son,or their daughter?

Yes,I know...maybe even someone like Chris .W. needs sometimes to think of a proper answer. If someone needs time to mend her/his heart, how much time does my nation need to recover?

Only GOD knows the answers...

Tonight I'll hold what could be right
Tomorrow i'll pretend to
Wake and put it all behind me

No offense to Chris Walker,but I don't agree with the word "pretend". We can't pretend this never happened, but what we can do is we try to get back to our feet again, fight whoever did this most cowardice act, and join hands in hands together to help our nation.

GOD BleSS Indonesia...

PS: Indonesia, this simple writing is For You.

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