Saturday, September 18, 2004

"I Love You No Matter What"

"I Love you no matter what". Recently my friend poured her heart out to me, saying that his boyfriend-want-to-be just revealed his deepest secret about his past to my friend. And she, having heard that guy’s confession, started thinking whether she wants to make their relationship works or she just calls it quit.

That brings me to questions like: what word comes after I love you no matter what? Is there a but, and, unless, or though after that six simple but meaningful words?

We can’t deny that we often say that magical words to our partners, our family and even to our friends as quick as the wind blows. But, have we ever stopped for a moment just to absorb what we just said to them? What impacts do these words to me and them?

Let me tell you something about my parents. They don’t (or maybe never, as far as I can remember) say that magical words to me or my siblings. Though I know their actions show more than that to us. I know that’s so much different when someone we love say it. When someone says that words, she or he always wants a feedback from his or her partner. Like, I love you no matter what, and you? Or, I love you no matter what though you have cheated on me, and so on.

Actually when we say "I Love you no matter what" it should mean really no matter what, no but, no unless and no though. And it’s time to really meant what we say and stop for a moment to think do you really want to say it?

To my dear friend……….always follow your heart and when you are ready, you can say: I don’t care about your past, I care about you. And, I Love you no matter what.....

PS: For Catrin, thanks for the inspiration :)

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