Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Inspirational Person

I met my inspirational person yesterday in my very own class. Before wrapping up my class, I told them to write an essay what they want to be after graduated from high school. One student, her name is Fitria, wrote : I want to be a nuclear scientist and I want to die syahid.
When I read her essay, I'm so touched by her writing that tears started to roll down my cheeks. I'm so ashamed of myself, always thinking of me, me, and me. I forgot that there are plenty of other human beings out there that desperately need our help.
My student, Fitria, is a usual high school student. That's what I thought before, but now she is a very inspiring person.

Who ever said inspiration always come from someone better than us?

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Luigi said...

Inspirations come from all your surroundings, though it may be the closest corner of your everyday, or perhaps the farthest point accross the ocean. May them come onto you and brings enrichments to your life..:)