Tuesday, September 14, 2004

No DistaNcE BetweeN Us

No distance between us, is that a song title? Anyway, being a grown up I now know how it feels to live separately from my siblings. Actually the distance between me and my third sister is only three sectors away. But for me, whose dreamt of having a big house so my whole family could live under the same roof,I used to feel there's a distance between us (especially when my third sister got married).

I miss the moments when me and my third sister fought about almost everything,we have different opinions almost about anything from the the AC temperature,tv channels,and others. But, we have something in common too,like we like shopping,we both miss going to Singapore again,and most importantly we both love each other (Right sis??).

Thanks God to technology, I salute whoever created handphones,emails,SMS,YahooMessenger and other communication devices. Because of them,now it only one SMS or a chat away to be with my siblings.

My sisters, brothers and me live separately, they already have their own family, but now I don't feel there's a distance between us.

PS:This writing is for my siblings...

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