Thursday, October 28, 2004

Are YoU FaiL, Poor, AveraGe, Good oR ExCeLLenT ?

As a teacher, every end of the term I have to write something in my students' report cards. At first I thought that was an easy job, all I have to write is : PASS or FAIL and leave a comment for the parents, and give stamp like poor, average, good or excellent.

But, when I face the report card I found myself confused of what to write. Who am I to judge someone with stamp like fail, poor, average, good, or excellent ? if I want to make my job easier all I need to write is : your child is failed because she/he didn't come to the class. However, my conscience was bothering me. That's so typical !! I don't want to give comment like that, it's not right at all.

That's why I didn't comment on their lesson but I wite about their character. On one of my student's report card I wrote : she is smart, funny and talkaltive.

After all, who am I to judge them??

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