Wednesday, November 03, 2004

FroM MiLisT, FriEndsTeR to the BloGsPoT

- When you're really love something, you will put your heart and soul doing it -
I believe that, and I also believe that everything has its own season. There was time when I really loved getting myself into many mailing lists, making friends in the milists, having my own gank from it, being the moderator once, even falling in love with someone in the certain milist.
Then, I got to know friendster. Actually, it is also to make new friends, find old friends, even soul mate. It's amazing what a friendster can do. I learn what my friends (even my brother-in-law) thinks of me through their testimonials. I even found my childhood friend and my crush (back in the college) in the friendster. I just love to expand my social life by getting to know new friends through friends' friends.
The latest one is blogspot. Everybody can have his/her own blogspot with its uniqueness. With blogspot we can be creative, show the world who we really are. And, I get to know many great people through blogspot too. I also love surfing from one blogspot to another. Not to mention, I learn to write by reading other people's writings.
I notice one thing : no matter where you are, in the milist, friendster, or having your own blog, you can always make new friends, find something new, and of the world who you really are.

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