Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Let'S BreaK Up....

Dear Mr.Allergy, thank you for being in my life. As I know that you're in my life because I was born in an allergic family. Although, I have to admit now I want to break up with you. All these times, I've been a very patient girl with you.
I have done whatever you want me to do. You want me to eat Ryzen (my allergic medicine), I eat it. You want me to stop eating prawns and squids, I stop eating them. Even when you want me to cut down eating fish and chickens, I try to cut them down. You even dropped by whenever I have troubles on my mind.
I'm very sorry, I have to say : enough is enough..! You are in my life nothing but making me suffer. All my adult life I have spent in and out the Immunology Clinic, not to mention the uncountable dates I had have with my allergic doctor.
We have our fun (eventhough for me, I'm missing a lot of good food because of you), but now it's time to say our goodbye. If you love me that much, let's break up.

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