Saturday, December 25, 2004

Conversation Between Heart and Love

Heart: Where are you going?
Love : I'm going to leave first.
Heart : when are you coming back?
Love : when you have fixed your broken heart, and ready for another love..
Heart : I'm ready now.
Love : No, you are not.
Heart : Yes, I do
Love : No. Do you know why I said you're not ready?
Heart : No...why?
Love : You are not ready for another love, because somehow deep inside you, you still want that other someone is him. You know he's not him. You're still hoping someday he comes back. You know he is not coming back. You still have a picture of him inside you. You just won't tear that picture out of you.
Heart : I guess you are right.
Love : I AM right.
Heart : So, how long will you be gone?
Love : When you have learnt to let go... I wil come to you.


Ellya-The Dreamcatcher said...

jadi jomblo ga salah ko, tapi kyanya emang kudu blajar melupakan si dia tuh, let it go aja,..

Heri Cahyadi said...

Wah, khas orang lagi broken heart ;p Salam kenal ya, bu guru...