Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Lesson Plan

Been a while (too long I think) not making a lesson plan. Now I'm back with TTC (teacher training course) in ILP, it's Lesson Plans time.....
I just started the TTC a week ago, turned out we have to do presentation immediately the week after (which is tomorrow, December 22). I miss making lesson plan, I miss the excitement of presenting it, I miss the feedback I get from my fellow friends, and..I miss the satisfaction after finishing the presentation.
Making a lesson plan is easy and difficult. It's easy when you what to explain, how to explain and what kind of visual aids you will use.
mmm...I remember I once brought my family photograph to my class because I wanted to teach about family. The real thing that we bring to the class is what we call Realia. But, it will drive you almost crazy if you have no idea what to say or do before teaching the topic of the day (it called motivating strategy or warming up).
I have prepared my lesson plan for tomorrow, and hopefully it wil work out well tomorrow...

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