Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm not the same girl anymore...

I'm not the same girl anymore. Yes, that's true. I used to be so fragile, don't know how to handle my own feeling. But, now I'm not. Now I know when to put limits when I start to fall for someone. I know how to cry when I feel like crying. I know where to stand when people start to push me away. I know what to do when I'm down.
I used to be whom other people called "a loner". Yes, I used to be a geek, but that's before I knew I'm an introvert. I'm not ashamed to say I'd rather be alone than spending my time wandering around the cafes. I'd rather pouring my sorrow and happiness in writing than with a human being.
I'm not like my girl friends who like to be beautiful, I just want to be beautiful inside.
I'm no longer who I was. Now, I am me. I am not the same girl anymore.

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