Monday, January 10, 2005

I've Learned

Alhamdulillaah I can finally present my new outlook for my dearest blog (have I told you that I share a strong bond with my blog?). These past 3 days, I've been busy changing my blog. You know something, I've also learned a lot of things while changing this blog.
I've learned: be patient, searching for the right skin wasn't an easy job. I had to search in the blogskins, in Google, and finally in Marina.
2.that it turns out I have friends that care for me. I know it's only a blog, but they helped me in giving advice where to look for nice skins, how to conquer the template (man, this template thing is very frustrating), and they cheered me up when I started giving up. accept changes, it's not easy for me to finally decide to change my blog. At the end, I got to admit that my blog needs changes (not just the colors or the fonts, but everything).
4. to believe in me, actually I don't understand a thing about templates. At first, I thought let my friend fix the template. But, since my desire to have a new blog was on Sunday and on Sunday she wasn't online, I decided to jump right to the template. And yes....
I could do it!! (thought I still needed my friend to fix the codes). There's a will, there's a way..right?

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