Wednesday, February 02, 2005


This morning before I start my routine every Wednesday morning (going to ILP, to attend Teaching Training Course), I'm listening to Glenn's song (Januari). Well, I know it's already February...but this is my favorite song ever.
The lyric is very touching, very mellow, every time I listen to Januari, I feel so peaceful (maybe for some people, this is the wrong song to listen if you want to feel peaceful). But, I turn to this song whenever I feel weary.
Januari, like my birth month, left so many memories for me, especially this year. This January my fourth niece had born, a day before my birthday. In this January too my birthday fell on the same day with Idul Adha ( the Sacrifice Day for us Moslem).
I know eventhough months pass me by, Januari will always be heard in my room. Not that I don't want to move on, but there's a special aura with this song.
January has passed me by, now let's welcome February....

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