Monday, February 07, 2005

When Virtuals aren't that Virtuals anymore

On Sunday, February 6, I finally got to meet my virtual blogger family. Before I continue, I must apologize because I'm not very good at reporting an event. Actually I was the first one to come (after mbak Astri, Mas Hendra and of course the cute Deeja). Then comes mbak Erfi and the family with Izqa.
Surprise surpise..Izqa willingly sat on my lap for a few minutes until Linda and the group (read: I don't know their names, sorry) came. And at 1 o'clock Mas Luigi came with his beautiful wife and their children. There were also mbak De (for mbak De, can I borrow Rafa?),Tiwi, mas Andi, Rara and Kidy (for Rara, when is your turn Ra? Kidy is already good at holding a baby...hehehehe...)
I can't say much more, just feeling really great finally meeting my blogger family face to face. And thank you mbak Astri for the souvenir :)
WHEN A PICTURE SPEAKS MORE THAN THOUSAND WORDS....(Thanks you Mbak Rieke for the photos)

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