Sunday, December 25, 2005

To my every source of my every feelings in 2005

To my every source of my every feelings in 2005
I say thank you..

Thank you
for making my 2005 more colorful

Thank you
for all my laughters, my cryings, my happiness

Thank you
for all the unforgetable moments

Thank you
for all the sharings we used to have

Thank you
for my life

As 2006 reaching, maybe you won't be here anymore
still..thank you


It's just me said...

nice one...:)

Mama Zaza said...

nice posting :) remind me everything during this year. thx sis!

syafrina-siregar said...

Tough year...challenging, indeed.
Certainly making me a tougher person by the end of this year....

aesty said...

happy birthday.... ^-^

bener ga sih ?

NatRiUMz said...

Hmmm... dalem banget.

theeaz said...

tiap tahun yg terlewati pasti meninggalkan banyak utk kita. bila itu membuat kita jadi lebih memahami hidup dgn segala rasanya yg ada, berarti tahun itu tdk terlewati dgn sia2....happy new year too dear !!