Friday, September 26, 2008

My 2 cents

It started a couple of months ago, when I wanted to get rid of several books I own by having a book giveaway in my blog. Unlucky me, the moment is also coincided with an event held by an institution who collected books for donations.

Then, I mus say this...unfortunately, some people started to question me..
"why didn't I donate them?"
"you know, there are others who can't afford to buy book, etc..etc.."

Ok, honestly...
I was annoyed. Wasn't it enough that I said "this time I wanna give the books away with MY way?

Oh please, don't use the this-is-Ramadhan,-so-it's-a-great-way-to-do-nice-things-for-others-excuse. Not to be defensive or anything, if I want to do great things I don't have to let the whole wide world know, don't I? and don't you agree there are still other nice ways to do the so called great things?

Just my 2 cents..


Arta said...


the article so nice :)
yes, we needn't tell the world that we donate something, cause they'll know by their ways...

goodluck ya mbak

Simone said...

That is irritating. I have been contemplating doing a giveaway but......just have not got round to it.