Monday, December 03, 2012


Avoiding conflict is easier than dealing with it

Faking to not care is easier than facing the hurt because of caring too much

Sometimes it takes a lot of waking up to know the reality is really real and not dreams any more

Choosing not to choose is easier rather than deciding but knowing what ever you decide will come out wrong

There will always be a day that you just need to pause. Now is my pause time

Being me is so happy. But I need another me when "the now me" is not too happy

Jatuh itu sakit. Tapi setiap ada kesakitan pasti ada obatnya

Seorang bijak berkata: gak adil kalau hanya tau akhirnya aja tapi gak liat dan tau prosesnya

Mulut bisa membenarkan tindakan, tapi cuman hati loe yg tau bener/ salah

Kalau kita mau belajar menghadapi ketakutan terbesar kita, kita akan tau kalau ketakutan terbesar kita itu sebenarnya gak begitu menakutkan

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