Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Family, In Silent

We're family, aren't we?

Family, don't hurt each other
Family, be honest
Family, not avoiding each other
Family, speak up. Not let things worsen by silent
Family, forgive
Family, say I'm sorry
Family, don't let each other cry
Family, don't let each other cry

You're my new family. I love you too dearly
Like my niece once said to me: I love you too much.."
Thank you for saying we're family

We're family. Not by blood. But by faith
You're my family by faith

Your silent makes me start doubting myself
Your silent is like a stab in my heart
Your silent is like a big question mark waiting to be answered
Your silent makes me wishing to be in the past us, not the now us
Your silent is like yesterday waiting to be in today again

Let me fix my wrong so we can be like usual us
How can I fix the wrong things if silent is your way to show it?

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