Sunday, November 07, 2004

GoinG BacK HoMe ALiaS MuDiK

It's the time of the year again, going back home alias "Mudik" (in Indonesia). Not that I hate going back home, but the hustle bustle of the preparation before it that makes me wants to say : oh, noooooo...!!!! But, since I'm the only child of my parents that hasn't married yet, I need to 'chaperone' my parents.

Let's see, first there is a "let-the fighting-over-which-plane-to-take-begins" stage, which my mom and dad have a tense discussion over which plane to take. My dad as usual wants the most practical and cheapest plane to take (any plane), my mom on the other hand wants (also) the cheapest plane but it has to be Garuda (what's with Garudan anyway??). Thanks God, by the time I write this, my mom and dad finally made an agreement which plane to take.

Second, deciding which hotel we're going to stay. I hope we're staying in a hotel near the beach. I love beach, the sand, the ocean, the smell of it, and who knows I might meet someone there....hahahaha...

Well, the preparation doesn't end there, we still have to buy the so called "oleh-oleh" for my grandma, aunties, uncles, and my cousins. Getting oleh-oleh for my grandma is not that hard, since she will love whatever we give her. But, for my aunties, uncles and my cousins (which honestly speaking I'm so confused which one with which name) is not that easy. Last year we gave bags for my aunties, this year I don't know what my mom will get for them.

And of course, the packing. I'm not going to make the same mistake as last year again, this year I only bring clothes that I can mix and match them and lots of daster to wear at the hotel.

Anyway, I have to say, despite the journey (before the actual journey begins, which is mudik) is very exhausted, I'm very excited meeting my family outside Jakarta. Who knows, next year I don't have the chance again. By the way, have I mentioned that I 'm going to Makassar?

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Rommy said...

mudik nih yee.. oleh2x dong..